Empowering small businesses


We can provide superfast broadband connections for your business, and manage and install your on-site networking infrastructure.


We can provide fully integrated mobile and fixed-line communications infrastructure for your business, utilising the latest VoIP technology to ensure your customers can get in touch.


We offer a range of standard and bespoke management information systems for your business, along with website and application hosting services.

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What else do we provide?

Rural Broadband

Subject to sufficient demand in your area, we can install, provision, and manage high-speed internet connections for both business and residential users in your area.

Industrial Estates

We can provide ultra high-speed, business-grade broadband connections for businesses in your industrial estate.

Development Services

We offer development of (or integration with) management information systems for enhancing your business' productivity.

Hotel Connectivity

We can provide your guests with free or paid-for wireless connectivity, and integrate fixed-line phone and network connections in to your guest rooms. We can also offer content delivery services, for integration with hospitality management systems.

Landlord Services

If you are a landlord, and wish to offer broadband and WiFi connections to your tenants, we can install, provision, and manage this on your behalf. You can resell the internet services to your tenants yourself, using our landlord reseller portal, or we can manage this for you.

Temporary Networking

If you have the requirement for a temporary computer network (e.g. for an event), we can design, install, and manage such a deployment for you.