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Be in control

BetaSafe offers multiple tiers of IT support for your company – from a wires-only installation service, through to fully managed networking infrastructure.

We can design, install, and provision new networking infrastructure, or adopt your existing networking infrastructure introducing value-added IT support to your business.  We also offer a range of equipment leasing arrangements with our fully managed tiers, enabling you to benefit from future equipment upgrades.

All support tiers grant you access to the customer portal, which allows you to make changes to your infrastructure, monitor activity, track faults, or raise support tickets.

Wires Only

With our wires only service, you get the benefit of a professional network design and installation, but maintaining your own control over the management and operation of the network.

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Self-managed
  • Individual support contracts available


With our operated service, you can choose have a new network designed and installed, or have your existing network adopted by BetaSafe.

  • Design and installation, or
  • Adoption of existing infrastructure
  • Fully managed
  • Life-time support

fully managed

With our fully managed service, you will benefit from a professional network design and installation, the ability to lease equipment

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Fully managed
  • Equipment leasing
  • Life-time support


If you run a hotel, have holiday lodges, or offer other kinds of holiday accommodation, BetaSafe can provide high-speed wired and wireless internet for your guests.

Your guest’s first point of contact for technical issues will be BetaSafe, meaning you don’t have to worry about your internet connection.  We will manage and operate the connection on your behalf.

You can choose a pricing tariff that suits your business, or offer completely free internet.

Industrial Estates

If you own or operate an industrial estate, you may want to think about what internet access you can offer your tenants.

In some cases, BetaSafe can install internet infrastructure into your industrial estate for free, on the basis that a certain amount of tenants will take up a service.

Please get in touch to discuss installation options.

New Home Builds

Giving new home owners a choice when it comes to internet service providers is very important.

BetaSafe can provide full fibre-to-the-home services for new housing developments, and get your home owners connected to high-speed internet.

If you are developing MDUs, we can also install broadband infrastructure throughout the apartment block, enabling tenants to get connected quickly.

Rural Broadband

BetaSafe wants to bring connectivity to everyone, especially those communities that are not in the scope of current broadband providers.

We will work with your community to bring high-speed broadband in whatever form necessary to your area, ensuring you can get connected to the 21st century.


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